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My love of photography began in grade school working with a pinhole camera and watching the images come to life in the darkroom.  I eventually learned to photograph with my grandfather's Rolleiflex and developed  film in a darkroom my brother built in our basement when I was 12 years old. My brother and mother, both professional photographers,  influenced me in later years. I have a long background in garden design where I developed an eye for color, shape line, texture and form. 

 I have had a love of animals from a very young age and later in life developed a love of horses. I am inspired by their power, beauty, grace and the spiritual connection they provide to humans. They are great teachers, through them I have learned many invaluable lessons about life. I visit wild horse sanctuaries in the US to do some of my horse photography as well as other locations around the world. I donate 10% of proceeds from selling my work to organizations involved in the protection and education of the wild horse population in the western US. Through my imagery of wild horses I hope to educate and inspire others to taken an interest in their plight. Pressure from ranching, invasive plant species, mineral and water rights, land development and conservation put pressure on their ability to remain free on our shared public lands. I strive to create expressive images and have an affinity for finding grace in small details. My intent is in the creation of thoughtful imagery that draws viewers in.

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My off the track thoroughbred, Glacier Point a grandson of Secretariat who is mostly retired but where I get my 'horse fix' on a regular basis...