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Revisiting Images with Fresh Eyes. Some days are good hair days...

One way I sort through images when returning from a shoot or trip is to initially trash all of the duds and do some initial flagging of images I want to work on in the future using Lightroom. I tend to let some of my images sit for months. I feel I have a lot more objectivity and fresh eyes when I come back to them. I often find something in an image the second time around that had not seen before or I decide to post process it in a new way. Here are a few from the vault!

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Wild Horses...

Creating images of horses, especially wild horses is one of my passions. The wild horses are impressive symbols of the American West, freedom and beauty, and their current existence in the wild is in a state of peril due to competing resources on America's public lands where many of them live. If you desire to experience them up close and personal, you can visit them at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary in Lompoc, California, or the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota, where there are many opportunities to learn about and support them. Or visit them in the wild here.  Some background on wild horses in North America can be found here.

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