Tori Gagne Photography - Minneapolis Fine Art Photographer

Moonlit Dance Series

The story of the horse has a long legacy in art, mythology, literature, exploration, transportation, war, sport, industry and so much more. Humans have evolved side by side with the horse and forged a very unique relationship. These photographs soulfully convey many of the qualities a horse embodies; wildness, freedom, wisdom, power, connection, and spirituality. The images serve as visual poetic offerings honoring their beauty and the unique mark they have made on the hearts and lives of humans. 

My personal relationship with a rescued racehorse has led me deeper into the world of the horse. The horse lives in a highly intuitive world of the senses, a world we don't often access as humans. To enter their world you must be calm, centered and free of tension. This is a place of mutual trust where I must be present and am free from the trappings of daily existence. I am grateful for the opportunity to honor this remarkable creature through my art.

A portion of the proceeds from this work supports organizations involved in the protection and sanctuary of the US wild horse population which is currently under threat from many forces.