Tori Gagne Photography - Minneapolis Fine Art Photographer

Moonlit Dance Series

Moonlit Dance is a heartfelt and moving series celebrating the magical,  mythical qualities of the horse. Blur, dramatic lighting, subdued color palette, strong sense of verticals and the motion of the horse are used to achieve this dramatic imagery shot from above at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary. I am very interested in the plight of the wild horse in the American West and strive to tell their story through imagery of their power, beauty and grace and interesting social life. Horses are highly sensitive, intuitive creatures, possessing a rare quality, strong, powerful and extremely beautiful. Being around them and photographing them puts me in a present state like no other and for that time I am somewhere else, away from the trappings of daily existence. It is a silent world of senses we don't use as humans. Horses accept you for who you are, in order to enter their world you need to be calm, serene and free of tension. This is one of the places that fills my spirit to the brim and I create my imagery. Representative or not, I have a love of line, movement, blur, breaking scenes down to the unique parts and shapes of the horse. The imagery in this series draws the viewer into an imaginative dreamlike space using blur, movement and light. My intention was to create something out of the ordinary evoking dreams or memories.